PTI Media Cell workers face a pay cut of rupees 3000 each


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If True it simply Increases the love of PTI in our hearts, because it just proves that PTI is not using Tax money on its own Social Media Team, while on the other hand we know that PML-N used to have its Social Media's HQ in the PM house and was also paid from public money.


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Sell niazi chooran on buses to make up for these 3000 rupees 🥳
Alhamdulillah kabhi zurorat nahi pari or na paray gi haram kahamane ki, albata haramkhanne walloun per Allah or uss ke rasool ki lanat , ya Allah ramadan main duwa kabool farma ameen


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That explains why the barking dogs of Imran Khan have reduced their posting here.

Now just the expats enjoying luxurious lifestyles of West are here lying in Ramadan and painting a picture of all good in Pakistan under IK.
The barking dogs of Imran are now working for ISPR to get those 3000 rupees lol
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