Poll: Why Is Bilawal Zardari Not Married Yet? Express Your Views.


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Because Gul khan don't allow him/her to marry a girl,
may be at a letter he allow him to marry a girl only to shut mouth of oppenents who always claim that Bilawal Zadari is a Gay, Transgender and a deep throat
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Bilawal Zardari Shemale ,transgender,Gay and deep throat don't want to marry any girl unless Gulkhan allow him/her to do so for the sake of reputation
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Look at the bright side, now even if be rape someone his lawyers will bring social media clips to this defense :)


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None of our business .. its his private life .. he is married or not shouldnt matter


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who gives a F whether Bilawal marries or not.

Unless, Yootias are offering Tyrian to Bilawal 🤣
TIMES NOW NEWS.Com, July 27, 2018.
Notably, the british writer Christopher Sandford wrote in 2009, the popular cricketer, heart-throb of million, Imran Khan also had a ‘close’, possibly ‘sexual’ relationship with Benazir Bhutto, who would go on to become the prime minister of Pakistan.

Apparently, the two are said to have had an affair when a 21-year-old Bhutto was reading in the second year of politics at Lady Margaret Hall in the year 1975.

As per a Telegraph report, Benazir Bhutto had been "visibly highly impressed & attracted" by Khan and may have even been the first person to give him the moniker "Lion of Lahore" in any event, it seems fairly clear that, for at least a month or two, the couple was very close.

There was a lot of giggling and blushing whenever they appeared together in public,” the Daily Mail had reported.

A report also claimed that the two eventually broke up as Khan’s mother did not approve of the relationship and refused to give her blessings for the relationship. As Khan was close to his mother, he decided not to pursue the relationship, the report claimed.

Maan gaye Guru...you did not spare even...BB. 😊


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مے بی شی از بال لیس ؟

نوازہ بھاگ گیا، شوبازہ ہاتھ سے جھاگ کی طرح پھسل گیا، اور یہ بلو ہے کہ انگڑائی تو لیتی ہے پر پکڑائی نہیں دیتی۔۔۔۔پر آپکو اس کی شادی کی پڑی ہے۔
ہاہاہا بال ہیں تو ساری جگہوں پر لیکن وہاں نہیں جہاں پر آپکا اشارہ ہے؟
اب اس میں کیا؟...😀


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ایک پول اس پر بھی کروا لو کہ عمران خان کو جادوگرنی سے ابھی تک بچہ پیدا کیوں نہیں ہوا۔۔۔

اس کا مطلب ریحام خان کا الزام درست ہے۔۔
اور ساتھ میں تمہارا مڈیکل چیک بھی کہ دماغ میں خرابی
کہاں پر ہے؟....اب اس میں کیا ....😀
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