PMLN Wants To Quash Article 62/63?


Since MNS wants to quash 62/63 or bring any other constitutional changes, if he succeeds, what will be the effect on the Panama decision as well as pending NAB reference against him and his family?

Will anyone enlighten me?
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phir to lawless hi hogi. koyi check n balance nhi hoga. phir in robbers killers ko koyi pochney wala nhi hoga.. phir is mulk ka Allah hi hafiz. NS n Zar baba nay is mulk aur awam ko aghyar ke hatoon par farokht kar dalna hai..
My understanding is court did not apply 62/63 on him yet. He was disqualified for lying on his income/asset declaration on his ECP forms. He will face criminal investigations from NAB and if convicted will come under 62/63 which will further seal his fate.

Also 62/63 revocation cannot be retroactive.


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These are the outcomes in any case: Pakistan is not being run by a Govt for a long time.

1. Gen. Bajwa put out a martial law. Most probably he is khassi like Raheel shareef.
2. SC invokes article 190 to call Army. Judges are clever and they won't go for it easily.
3. The secret weapon President of Pakistan comes out with a letter calling for SC or Army to intervene as Govt is not being run properly.

I go by 3. Mamnoon Hussain is a clever bloke. All those samosa won't be fruitless