PM Imran Khan expresses displeasure on the statements of ministers before investigation of Sahiwal tragedy


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han tu patta dal ker rakho na apne waziroon ko, jinko patta hi nahin kiya bolna ha, kab bolna ha aur kahan kiya kerna ha. Nobody will give it a toss if this is PTI first time or 100 time, it isnt some car test drive. Its gov & public offices and it dosen't mean tht if we voted for PTI so we will be blindfolded on such nonsense


MPA (400+ posts)
All the Aristotles telling Imran Khan that he has failed and his team is rubbish don't realise that what Imran Khan has to deal with running a coalition government who blackmails him every day on petty issues and how he has to deal with Hhhharami bureaucracy and his choice of ministers is good in my opinion apart from one or two like Fiaz ul Hassan etc this is his first time in government and people are not even prepared to give him six months.I think Choice of Usman buzdar is justified as IK wanted a chief minister who can be controlled by the centre or Ik himself.
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