PM’s nephew Hassan Khan Niazi was present outside PIC during lawyers' violent protest

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LAHORE (92 News) – Barrister Hassan Khan Niazi, nephew of Prime Minister Imran Khan, was also involved in the attack, arson and sabotage in the Punjab Institute of Cardiology.

The videos about Hassan Khan Niazi leading the mob damaging and setting the police van on fire also went viral. He is also seen instigating his colleagues.

Hassan Khan Niazi was severely criticized on Twitter after the videos about his involvement in PIC attack surfaced.

However, Hassan Khan Niazi has dissociated himself from the incident, saying he supports the objectives of his colleagues. “I participated in the demonstration, but I do not support violence,” he said.
Barrister Hassan Khan Niazi has mentioned himself as the champion of human rights on his Twitter account.

On Wednesday, at least three patients lost their life during the attack at Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) by lawyers stormed and ransacked PIC in protest against doctors. The administration hided to save their lives when the PIC was attacked by the rioters, however, the process of treatment for patients stopped for a while and three patients died during this horrible scene.

When the enraged layers attacked at the PIC, the patients were also harassed and the doctors ran from the scene left patients on mercy of God. They left the medical examination of patients as well as the patients and their relatives also compelled to flee for saving lives.


There is only 1

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اگر یہ عام وکلا کے ساتھ ساتھ تھا تو پھر پی ایم پر کوئی اعتراض نہیں بنتا ، پی ایم پر تب اعتراض بنتا تھا اگر اسے حکومتی پروٹوکول ملا ہوتا . یا مستقبل میں اسے کوئی رعایت مل جائے


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He is the son of Hafeez Ullah Niazi and the only recognition Hafeez has that he is the Ik cousin and but who does not know that Hafeez Ullah Niazi is the biggest critic of Imran Khan and is brought in report card to point fingers on IK? Thok do salay ko


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اندر کرو اس کو بھی اور لگاو چھتر۔ مگر اس کے ساتھ والے سیل میں ان ن لیگ کے غنڈوں وکیل کو بھی ڈالنا جنھوں نے چوہان پر حملہ کیا اور اس غنڈی ن لیگی وکیل کو بھی جس نے تقریر کر کے سب وکلا کو اکسایا
He is the son of Hafeez Ullah Niazi and hefeez is famous for IK opponent and pro PMLN narrative. Thok do

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If education let alone a law degree can't change these people then I don't know what will..It's about time to get rid of this mafia as well. Strict action must be taken.


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اس حرام خور دہشتت گرد وکیل نما جانور کو باقی حرام خور دہشت گرد وکیلوں سے زیادہ اور عبرتناک سزا ملنی چاہیے


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اگر یہ حرام زادہ خنزیر کا لعنتی نطفہ حرام عمران کا بھانجا ہے تو اس حرام زادے خنزیر کے بچے لعنتی کو الٹا ٹانگ کر مونہ اور تشریف کالی کر کے مارو عمران کا بھانجا ہونے سے اس حرام کے پلے کو کوئی لائسنس نہیں مل جاتا دہشت گردی کا اس خنزیر کے نطفے کو زیادہ سزا ہونی چاہیے


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He’s Hafeez Niazi’s son... who’s Bread and butter is to bark against IK day and night ...

Don’t think us as fools


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Must be punished, but there are multiple news with different photos of the nephew. It looks like fake news to make international headlines.
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