People who don't even know who their parents are and they talk trash on tv for hours - Rana Sanaullah abuses Pakistani journalists/anchors


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Now I am actually waiting anxiously for all these so called journalist to provide their birth certificate which shows their legal parents to Haji Rana Sanullah. when that sarkari Hajjan @asmashirazi, that parachute sahafi @shazbkhanzdaGEO, that merae kiptan wala @_Mansoor_Ali, @HamidMirPAK @RaufKlasra, @AmirMateen2, the aflatoons @UmarCheema1 & @wajih_sani, and #patwarkhana club, whatsapp group type journalist will talk anything or their talk shows & tweets only centric to target a single party . Just imagine if same thing would be said by fiaz ul hassan chohan or some other 2nd or 3rd tear PTI leadership

Serves these lifafas right. These are they crooks they serve and defend on media now the same person is calling them bastards and sell out.
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