Pakistanis legalize Rs1 trillion foreign assets in amnesty scheme : Khaleej Times


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Most of the foreign assets are not liquid and repatriation would take time. e.g. my cousin bought hundreds of properties abroad in the last 10 years through laundering but he needs at least a year to generate liquidity. The good thing working for all launderers now is that they were being bothered by foreign authorities for the legitimacy of their investments. Also, with the dollar gone up now, this scheme is a huge blessing in disguise for them! Repatriation at a discounted rate is a huge win for them! and of course for the country too!
But this is the data from last year

Night_Hawk - Blogger
The article has published now but the amnesty data is from last year
Thank you for pointing out.
This was the highest declaration among foreign countries during the tax amnesty scheme launched last year.

The tax amnesty scheme for this year is ongoing and will end on June 30, 2019.
This information as per the article posted above.


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there is big flaw for overseas Pakistani to declare their assets
the website asks for Pakistani registered mobile number and now how can overseas Pakistanis have a Pakistani mobile number
without that they cannot register and declare the assets


Why every government has to announce amnesty schemes to whiten the black money.
So many times these schemes are announced by different governments.
Once the scheme is announced why do we need it again?
and every time its more money whitened,
where is this so much black money coming from , is pakistan the biggest black money country?
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