orya maqbool again with news of doom


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Neither this Moron is an Islamic Scholar nor an Academic Pundit.

With little knowledge from both sides, he is Sermoning us with conflicting Logic. Especially at a time when sensible people should refrain themselves from misguiding common people.

Unfortunately, Pakistan was Governed for the last 50 years by Corrupt, Immoral, Unethical thugs who never cared for Merits.....Resulting in the Emerge of Buffoons like Orya Maqbool Jans......in our Bureaucracy.

Nadir Bashir

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Day before this guy was saying " if imran khan claims to be prophet" which stupid or lanti can say these kind of words.

He is true fitna gar like dr. shahid masood. only method is different. After such remarks, i am afraid of even listening to him.................
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