Opposition ready to talk with govt on "Motion for Removal of Chairman Senate"


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the story is that they are facing trouble finding the numbers to remove sanjrani despite being 2/3 rd in the senate , how embarrassing.


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There is a deep divide within PPP and PMLN. The deputy chairman Mandviwala himself was not pleased with the move. PMLN is even more divided. With a secret vote, there is a strong chance the opposition may fail in it's attempt. It's no surprise they are looking for a way out...playing bluff with the govt


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They dont need permission as they have majority in the Senate
to Phir B paish karnay k lya talk karnay k lya tyar hain majority hai to jain or ja ker sanjrani ko hatha kar apna koi daku chairman banwa lain lakin itni auqaat he kahan jab sa Raja Zafar ul Haq ki meeting ma sirf 17 senators aye :D LOL
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