No one can stop us from going to sindh- Usman Dar thrashes PPP


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Dagga dar just came straight out of sleep,
Palwasha still doing her home work
Haha Dagga Dar nay sindh jakay lena kia hay? chhunkna?
aur Palwasha afsana likh rahi hein dil e be-qarar ka:
Jab behti nadia shor karay
mera dil milnay ko zore karay!! ( you can hear her singing in her wash-room! )..:LOL:


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As if Karachi/Sindh weren't part of Pakistan!

Probably that's what PPP wishes to think... That's why 18th ammendment.... The colors of it now coming out!

Fcuk such bastards who'd try to stop a Pakistani from moving around in PAKISTAN!

Anyone raising such slogans should immediately be tried on basis of Article 6...period!

We suckin didn't sell Sindh to Benazir, Her rascal son and piggy husband...

It's the patience of the Govt and Army... Else such scumbags would have been dragged with a rope through their nose and kicked on their dirty ass straight into a hole without light and air!

Suckin traitors..!!!!!!
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