NAB orders freeze on Shehbaz Sharif family’s assets


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The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has ordered that all moveable and immoveable assets belonging to Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif and his family members should be frozen with immediate effect.

In separate letters written to various departments including excise and taxation, revenue and district governments on Wednesday, the anti-graft watchdog banned sale, purchase and transfer of all properties belonging to former Punjab chief minister Shehbaz and his family members including Hamza Shehbaz, Sulaiman Shehbaz, Nusrat Shehbaz and Tehmina Durrani.

The letters have been sent to deputy commissioners (DCs) of Haripur and Model Town, and director generals of excise department, Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Lahore Development Authority (LDA), SECP, Judicial Housing Authority and JDA.

The frozen assets include three properties belonging to Tehmina Durrani in Hairpur’s Pir Sohawa tourist resort; two Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs owned by Shehbaz; two plots (87 and 96) in Model Town’s block-H owned by Nusrat Shehbaz; two plots belonging to Tehmina Durrani in DHA Lahore’s Phase-V; 14 properties belonging to Hamza and Sulaiman; Shehbaz family’s trading assets in Ramzan Sugar Mills, European-Asian Trading Co, Madina Trading, Sharif Feed Mills, Madina Construction Co, Sharif Poultry Farm, Sharif Dairy Farm, Ramzan Energy, Sharif Milk Products, Crystal Plastics, Chiniot Power, Ag Energy Consultants, Al-Arabia Sugar Mills and Unitas Power.

NAB on October 5, 2018 arrested Shehbaz, also the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president, in connection with Ashiana-e-Iqbal Housing Scheme case. However, it also initiated another inquiry against Shehbaz for allegedly owning assets beyond his known sources of income.

During its probe into this case, NAB arrested few suspects including Shehbaz’s son, Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader Hamza Shehbaz. Some suspects revealed that they had been doing the job for Sharif family. Later on, it arrested a Mushtaq Chini who later became an approver against Shehbaz

NAB also sent questionnaires to Shehbaz’s wives, daughters and other family members, seeking details about assets, businesses and properties. However, now NAB has decided to freeze his asset as Shehbaz and his family members could not satisfy its investigation team.

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But isn't this what tehmina durrani always wanted? Kept preaching Edhi's philosophy and that all wealth should be given the state. Then Noonies lost the election and cases and the ditz queen regained her senses and demanded people of punjab to treasure shobaz shareer. Hypocrisy galore.


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پاکستانی عدالتیں ان اثاثہ جات کو بحال کردیں گی ۔ لیکن ان جائیدادوں کی منجمد ہونے شریف خاندان کو اتنا فرق نہیں پڑتا شریف خاندان پر لمبی سزاوں کا اطلاق ہی لوٹا ہوا پیسہ برامد کرنے کا سبب بنے گا پاکستانی قوانین میں موجود پیچیدگیاں ہی مجرم کو فائدہ دیتی ہیں اس لیے حکومت اور نیب کو تمام تر راستے بند کرنے پڑیں گے تب پیسے برامد ہونگے

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99% of his assets are abroad! Seizing his assets in Pakistan won't hurt this pig much!
Its already hurting them you said rightly most of their maal paani is abroad and now they can't bring in anymore because all TTs and other avenues are being heavily monitored. Thats why the so call anti govt strike was called off and turned into a flop APC because they could not pay what Diesel was demanding to bring out his madrassa students.

They are already at the mercy of their rich friends like Mansha and Malik Riaz and they also being opportunists know their days are over and not passing on any big funds to the ganjs
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