NAB arrests Ex-Vice Chancellor of Punjab University Mujahid Kamran


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بہت سے اخبارات اس تفتیش پر چیخیں گے ــ
ـنواز کی چھتری تلے انہوں نے پنجاب یونیورسٹی کو ذاتی جاگیر بنا رکھا تھا


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What characters.. The tumor of corruption released by Illiterate Dakoos of Jati Mujrah needs immediate treatment of instant DEATH.

Burn him ALIVE.


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Heard he was Sexual harassing King of PU besides all kind of Hera Pheri as tradition mark of Punjab.
Recently in Bahria College one Professor arrested for asking Oral Satisfaction? Sure Muk Muka key baad Dhandey pey phir Laga Ho Gaa as per Punjab tradition.
Just in Sind University one Professor and VC forced resigned for same sexual harassment case.


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I was already suspicious when many daily column writers like chacha tateri and others were writing columns in his praises when he was VC.


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I am sure still millions of Ex-bureaucrats, Generals, Journalists , roaming around
Among them
Hot case
The Corrupt King Gen Kayani
The Corrupt Don Gen Rizwan
The Corrupt Judge Iftikhar Ch
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