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At the sidelines of Azaadi March we managed to take an Interview Of PTI MNA from Sawat, Murad Saeed who gave answers to some very important questions that come to the people's mind regarding March and PTI's government in KPK. Its a little bit old but still relevant. Give it a listen.

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ماشااللہ ، یہ ٹیلنٹڈ چیتا مراد سعید پی ٹی آئی کو بہت آگے لے کر جاۓ گا ، بیشک مراد سعید اور پی ٹی آئی دونوں کا مستقبل بہت شاندار ہے


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MOOR & MOOR highly talented and enthusiastic young people are needed,please IMRAN make team of World Cup winners who can stop the four runs,catch the criminals with loose shots
and deliver fast and furious deliveries to clean bold all our issues.
we have put our trust in you to see the final.


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Cheeta ho ga imran khan ka per uskey apney halqey ka to zara visit to karo...logon ney jotey na marey to naam badal dena...yeh dobara elect hee nahin ho sakey ga..uskey khilaf logon mein sakht nafrat aur ghussa par to yeh bara cheeta bana phirta hai swat mein to uski halat bari patli hai....usko is dafa vote bhi nahin milna hai....kpk over all imran khan key hath sey nikal raha hai


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Great leader of changing pakistan. Question about comparing PTI's one year KPK govt. in war zone with 40 year of ppp&n rule in settled and wealthy areas of pakistan is unfair.!!
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