Mian Amir of ISI arranged drug & sex party: Ali Saleem


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Cynthia, PTI, Qadyani, ISI all dots connected. Oye kon log ho tussi ?
Did they ban you as Qalandar? Cheeko was the name of my uncles dog, and he was as loyal to him, as you are to rapists, criminals and murderers. It's all good and well until Billo decides to rape your son, RM decides to rape your daughter/ sister / mother then it becomes haraam. You disgusting bastards


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Sex parties you say? No one did it better than Benazir. See her boyfriend is reminiscing that she turned up naked to a party!

We would romp around campus canvassing for the society elections. Our friendship blossomed with time. Next summer the blokes played a prank and asked the losing team on the council if we would live up to our claims of an egalitarian society free of religious and cultural restraints. It was June and Benazir’s birthday was around the corner. She played their bluff and appeared at the party in her birthday suit. Everyone was stunned by her bold move and it shut up the dissenting chaps.

Also she loved to do nude sunbathing
Cap d’Agde which is a famous nudist beach...

I still remember our last summer of 1976 when we went to Cap d’Agde. There was an anxious tone in the air; it felt like we were gathering for the last time. Perhaps it was the graduation season, or it was because Pinky said she was returning back home or perhaps it was some kind of premonition.

She also loved Chipanddale which refers to male strippers.

Benazir was very fond of rolling stone and the Chippendales’ boys. So we bought her tickets to the Chippendales show. She was slowly coming back to her original self and I was happy to see her enjoying her life again. We would visit the French Cannes spending hours hand in hand straddling the beach.



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Yaar. Is Chothi Qisam k beyhya hijrehy ki kiya hi baat hai.
Bad Bakht ney apni maan ko maar maar kr ghar sy bahr nikal diya sara media ar sari duniya janti hai ar yahan apni 11 saal sy gumshuda behn Cyintia ki wkalt kr rha hai.

Imran Siddiqi

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Saleem Bhai/Baaiji Cynthia Ritchi aur Ayan Ali mein Kiya Frq Hai.
Tara Tubbar Tharkee hai. Bilawal Zardari ki Tarah Ilaaj Ki Zaroorat Hai aap logon ko
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