London officials confirms 15000 people protesting in front of Indian High Commission

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Do you understand why there were bigger protest against Iraq War!! Or you only get energy from Dunkin!!

British were part of the Iraq War, thus, it was a local issue for all Britisher. People protested against Britain taking part in the war with the USA.
Kashmir is not where British are caring out atrocities. General public doesn't know the issue even. Therefore, only Pakistanis, Kashmiris and Sikhs were at the protest. Locals were looking on curiously.
So, it is a huge crowd considering the issue was alien to the locals.
Chotee cotee khushian chotay chotay dilon key!

why there were only 62 people in Islamabad protest ?

who asked even hardcore religious parties and organizations not to put up a big protest show ??
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