Larai Karne Hai tu Aa Jao | Syed Naveed Qamar ny COAT Utar Dya


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How about you say the same whne your side is heckling the treasury speeches? aik Murad Saeed ki taqreer pey pooray PPP ki collective hawa nikal jati hai.


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This is their standards of diplomacy or leader ship.We will hear them as puppets/clowns speaking for freedom of speech and expression. What we still do not understand is that all these thugs 95% of present politicians(GARBAGE) when they speak about any right, freedom, leniency, immunity or any development in life is for their personal self or their family or their clang, not for citizens, they will never give any freedom to another person.


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پینٹ بھی اتا ر دیتا تو بلو کھسری کے گل خان کو تھوڑی سہولت ہوجتی اس بھڈ ھے کھسر ے کو ...... میں ویسے کسی نے بتایا تھا با رہ مئی کو اسکو کا لو خنزیر کے کچھ دہشت گردوں نے گاڑی سمیت روک لیا تھا اور ڈ ر کے مارے اس مونچھوں والے باندر کا پیشاب نکل گیا تھا
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