ISPR set to launch first-ever military reality show


MPA (400+ posts)
Bhai reality show hi kerni hey to kashmir mein ker lo hath sey nikal gya hey sha rug. Kia ye reality show sirf TV k lye hey?
Wesey reality show wo tha jo Chinese ney Indian ko dekhaya tha


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Interesting move.. But it would have been even better if they can catch the foreign agents in Media, Politics, Courts and even within their own institutions..


Senator (1k+ posts)
Wrong thing to do...In West, they did try these shows which cause more Public vs Sec. Forces clashes so now No such show available.......watching these shows make people hate security forces. Security forces should avoid media rating and stick to their job of defense. They put themselves in every business causing a lot of harm to national defense institutions.


Politcal Worker (100+ posts)
Wah hamari army ka bhi jawab nahin. Pooray mulk se chun ker Gen Rani ka nawasa dhoonda hai iss kaam ke liay. Bohat khoob
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