Indian Express on Pak fast bowers - Is it their DNA or Imran Khan factor?


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Do not let your hatred taint a cricketing legend, one of the best all rounders of all times and a captain all cricketing world aknowlwdges.

His wonderful health and strict exercise regimen still keeps him fits even after 2013 fall from the stage.

He is an ideal to follow as a sportsman and a fitness freak. You may have ideological and other personal differences but accusing him of drug abuse is not sonething anyone in their right senses would believe.
Your an idiot,don't you know this arse is a cow piss drinker


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cricketing legend,
What he achieved? other then match-fixing ?

follow as a sportsman Yes,
how he abused the country the establishment and the public of this great nation

He was a failed cricketer and a politician​

تم انشاء اللہ ساری عمر جاہل ہی رہو گے۔۔۔ اور اپنی اسی جہالت میں اپنے ہر دادا ابو جہل سے بھی مل لوگے۔۔


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تم انشاء اللہ ساری عمر جاہل ہی رہو گے۔۔۔ اور اپنی اسی جہالت میں اپنے ہر دادا ابو جہل سے بھی مل لوگے۔۔


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So he was not a cricketing legend.

Full stop.

I mean whats the point of arguing with a wall.
دیوار کی اینٹ سے اینٹ بجا دیتے ہیں…..اس سے
آرگو نہیں کرتے…...اب اس میں کیا ….. 😁


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there is a big difference between
a Hero and a Cocan Khan, a PlayBoy. a Match fixer,
92 WC are a bit of luck by chance
not the hard work

Maybe people like you did noting entire life and living on In-laws leftovers.

So that's why you like mariam achievements in garage and with qatari so she go flats.

Keep on shitting, soon your shit will ends and you might feel relaxed.


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What a shame.Indian newspapers are writing articles on Pakistani bowlers but Pakistan so called journalists take money from Sharif family to defame their opponents.Why can’t Pakistan newspapers write any quality article on any topic?.
it is more shameful that we can not say something good about Indian cricketers, at least they have the courage and openness to praise a Pakistani.
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