India threatens foreign players to withdraw from Kashmir Premier League...


Minister (2k+ posts)
That was expected. This was the goal of PCB to get attention on Kashmir. I hope they invite teams from Indian Occupied Kashmir as well and include at least 3 players in each team from Kashmir.


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Either way it is good for highlighting the issue of Kashmir. Well done KPL organizers.

India's actions will only infuriate the players they are putting pressure on.

Plus, Pakistan should make the league too lucrative to resist any opposition to the league. Any investment in the league will be a worthy investment if it highlights the issue in a more prominent way.


Minister (2k+ posts)
Hitler was a democratically elected leader just like modi, these two draw comfort from each other.
I wish another term in office after this term for modi, and he will drag India into a shithole, it won’t be able to come out from for 100 years.
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