Imran Khan's Quetta Visit:Makes Big Decision While Meeting Hazara Community


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Buhat achi baat ha.. Lakin hum apni fauj se be mutalba karte hn kh khud be in haramkhooron ko solid proof se sath expose karein.. inse kisi qism ka dialogue nhi hona chahiye..

Agr Fauj ne internal threat ke khilaf operation na kiya tu phr external threat ke liye humare bahadur jawanoon ko deploy krne ka koi faida nhi.


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Kaptaans niyaat is without question but his PR has been poor on this. To us the PR doesn't matter but in PK PR and visuals matter.
This is what I keep saying, why give the dead rubbers like PPP and PMLN any chance to manipulate his words. I guess IK talks more than he needs to. He should be very selective and let his ministers talk more. The prime minister should only say anything once everything is already settled.


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need to hand over balauchistan security to Army and give them a mandate and time frame to dig out all terrorist facilitators regardless of their position whether they are from political leader ,from forces,from religious parties or local feudal Sardars.
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