Imran Khan's foreign policy has created differences between Pakistan and friend countries - Pervez Rasheed

Raja Farooq

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Yee saary kutty akhthy hy bhoonkna shuru hoo gyy hyn they should b in jail but khan iz not willing to make cases against them


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‏کپتان ماضی میں موقعہ مانگتے تھے ‏حال میں وقت مانگ رھے ہیں ‏اور مستقبل میں معافی مانگیں گے


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Look who is talking? Nawaz Sharif didn't have a foreign minister for five years and thus no real foreign policy.


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PPP and PML (M,N,Q,Z) need to look in the mirror and see what was their performance before criticizing PTI. Isn’t that PTI is desperately trying to clean the shit that these two parties left behind?


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Pakistan has improved its relations with many countries since PTI came into power.We have poor relations with India because extremist Hindus have taken over India.


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In Noora's time, there was no foreign minister for long four & a half years. Yet Noor's Bootlicker Pervez Rasheed lecturing on foreign policy.
In Noora's time one country had good relations with Pakistan (sorry, with Noora's family) that was Qatar. And we all know why.
It was because of Maryam Safdar, Qatari prince agreed to help in Panama case after all Maryam had special relations with the prince.
But later he too backed down, that is another story altogether.
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