History in The Making Again*** IMRAN KHAN*** LEADING THE ***CORNERED TIGERS***


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dont call him the cornerned tiger he is no more one of it i know pti security uses this as their slogan but i just suggested dr.arif alvi to replace it with the gladiator of pakistan

imran khan*** leading the ***cornered tigers***
Am not calling him cornered now NS and zadari will be cornered sheeps inshaAllah
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They call PTI a ***** party, After observing the presence of thousands of people in PTI processions I would like to ask PMLN and PPP stooges to show me a ***** which can harbor thousands of people.



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True story. I met the person who hosted Imran for three night at his house. He swears by Quran that Imran cleaned the room he stayed in and set the bed sheet properly himself before leaving the house. Can you people imagine NS or Zardari doing things like that?
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