Heated Debate Between Arif Nizami & Amjad Shoaib


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If Nizami can be called a good and fair journalist then I am ready to call Modi a good and Pious Muslim.. He is is a merciless character assassin and lives in a world of delusions. Some time in the past the elders of his family were in the near circle of Ganja family and a few odd appointments were made on their recommendations. Ganja, an idiot, naturally succumbed to their sycophancy. The litany of the praises naturally makes a small man think of himself as God's gift to the world and Nizami got information of the inner circle. Today he is out of inner circle of power. The only news news he is able to gather is scandals, divorces and sordid tales of night adventures. Lahore being the the capital of the flesh trade, there is no shortage of such stories and rumours. Now he is trying to pass as an analyst but sadly for him his info is ancient and not valid today. It would be no surprise if it is found that he is also a beneficiary of largesse from Malik Riaz.


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Yeh General bakwaas karta hai,TC master.
Nizami ne sahi kaha ke fouj ki apni kia strategy hai kisis ko pata nahi!
Kabhi taliban are good kabhi taliban are bad?
kabhi afghan talibaan are good ,kabhi TTP tehreek e talbaan kharaab!
Kabhi haqani waley sahi, $$$ do tu yehi phir ghalat .
bhai sareee baat hai $$$ ki jis bhi taraf fouji Generals ko $$ nazr ata hai bus usee ke wah wah aur jahan yehi stretegic assesst use ho gayee bus tu phir use them like toilet paper!

jis tarah TLP ko used kia $$ bantey ,phir use hogaye tu pakar lia!

yeh jo dhehshat gardi hai
uskey peechey bhi wardi hai
Dafa hoo haram zaday hindu

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تاریخ کے ایک دور میں امریکا نے کہا کے تم افغانستان کے مجاہدوں کی مدد کرو تو وہ ضیا کا دور تھا تو وہ جنت میں جائے دوسرے دور میں امریکا نے کہا کہ تو افغانستان کے طالبان کو مارو تو وہ دور مشرف کا تھا تو وہ جہنم میں جائے ، قبلہ جرنل اپ اپنا قبلہ پہلے صحیح کریں پھر سویلین کو کہیں اب ناب شاب
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