Have you ever seen advertisment of govt performance in west?


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
i was just reading a newspaper and on front page i saw this huge advertisment of shahbaz shareef's punjab govt..... can any one tell how much money does it cost ?
Tax payer's money is bing used in cheap advertisments..(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)



Siasat.pk - Blogger
bhai gee...
khali bartan hameesha ziada shoor karta hai..... they spend more money on advertisement than on actual development .
on the other hand...western govt works for people and their actions are their public advertisement.


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Punjab Govt did some good works but to have ads in papers like that is so "khod numai"
Its cheap way of promoting one's slef.


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Well in canada the politicians advertise on all kinds of media and parties pay for that but not the government. In pakistan we don't have any accountability at all, no one can ask them why they are spending tax payers money on their publicity. We don't even have a taxpayers coucil to put forward such questions.
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