Former Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq reveals he had 5-6 extramarital affairs after marriage


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Former Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq had said after his country’s heavy defeat to arch-rivals India in the cricket World Cup 2019 that he would like to coach Hardik Pandya to make him as one of the best all-rounders in world cricket. Razzaq had also made a controversial remark after India’s loss to England that seamer Mohammed Shami performed well in the match because he is a Muslim (Shami took 5 for 69 in that game). Razzaq’s frustration was understandable since Pakistan’s chances of making the quarter-finals had taken a huge blow after India lost the match.

And now, the 39-year-old former cricketer has confessed that will certainly put the cricketing world on fire once again. Razzaq made his bold confession while speaking on a TV programme. The former batting all-rounder said he has had five-six extramarital affairs that also had a validity of 1-1.5 years. And when the astonished anchor asked him whether those had happened before marriage, Razzaq said they had happened after his conjugal life started.
Razzaq’s confessions took all those who present on the show by surprise. The man had represented Pakistan in 46 Tests, 265 ODIs and 32 T20Is. He scored over 8,000 runs and took 389 wickets in international cricket.

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aik to indian nien issay exra marital affair ka naam day dia hai jo k smj mien ata hai uska rd jb razzaq nien pandya ki training ka kaha tha,doosra razaq nien bhi kafi lose baat kr di hai isko zaib nhi deti


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Such type of persons can only take out frustration just by telling fake stories of flirts..
Just like most ignored guys in the town have written behind their cars...
Mama Says No Girls
Bla bla bla


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Regardless this man did wonders for Pakistan cricket and his mindset and the way he performed is what counts the most, anything else to do with his personal life is not relevant information.


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yAR HE IS such a lovely guy , I met him once in Leicester. Jo log paindu shaindu wali batain kertain hain , wo apni english lay ker so gain, He is real Gem. English say jo tum professor lag gaye ho pata hay saab ko. Baithey furms per commects hi ker rahay ho.


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Our definition of an extra marital affair is different than that in the West ...
He most probably was talking about .. it nothing physical
Nahin ji! There is a difference between friendship and an affair.😄
Abhi koi na koi maulana issay sangsaar karnay ka fatwa day dega!...😃


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Every male who gets an opportunity does have affairs world over,nothing new.
Perhaps not, but my understanding in such matters is limited and often faulty.
You certainly implied not "every male" but "every male known to you or in your circle" otherwise stats about fornication and infidelity are somewhat known around the globe in various cultures and "every male" is an exaggeration and wrong.. Ample data/studies are also available through times to explore human sexuality.
Anyway why to dig into data --- now is a lucky time and opportunity is just a video call/message away!!


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I thought he was ethically strong decent person. But seems more like a fake personality. Offering coaching to indian players. It all comes down to greediness and maintaining high fi life style. To afford that will do anything to gain millions no matter if its all wrongs being a pakistani and a musalman. Very disappointed may allah guide him. Ameen.

What is wrong is wrong. Dont do it. If you are muslim fear allah. Speak the truth why brag these things considered cheap unacceptable EVEN in western world humarae loage keeyoun confused hein or its just because want moe millions.


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Male privilege is being comfortable passing such remarks in public when hundreds of your fellow country women are killed every year in the name of "honour"
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