Final Stand Of Modern Day Tipu Sultan IK Against Zionist America.


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Pakistanio be ready for Jihad Against the enemies of Islam and Pakistan.

The Satanist American Zionist cabal that is behind this regime change operation in Pakistan, With GHQ, brown slaves serving their white Jewish American bosses have one agenda, turning Pakistan into a Zionist controlled colony of Israhell, America and Hindia.

Real freedom will come under the leadership of PM IK, The modern day Tipu Sultan of Pakistan.

Freedom, from IMF, American slavery, Jewish slavery, Hindian slavery, GHQ slavery, and the most painful slavery of all.. The Shareefs and Zardari, the gutter born immoral criminal filth.

Get your weapons ready, only arm struggle will help us get our freedom against these agents of Jew controlled Western Imperialist Capitalist terrorist organizations.

Look at all the entire Muslim countries and their conditions? One thing stands out, slavery of Jewish Capitalist and American slavery and destruction.
Look at Gay Modi's Hindia, destruction of Muslims daily, Rape of Kashmir.

So wait for Tipu Sultan call and Say Lubbaik to his call. Only way forward Pakistan.

Death to Israhell, death to Zionist terrorist in Palestine, death to GHQ Qadiani tolah, Death to Nawaz Lal Nehru and Zardaree harami.



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enough is enough!

Generals need to understand
they are paid
To Serve,
Not Rule.

They are responsible for giving NRO (1) to those who looted the country.

And they are responsible for giving NRO (2) to the same people.

I wonder who are the real enemies of Pakistan?

Those who loot the country
those who keep letting these criminals loot the country?

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gora to chala gia per brown kuttay ko jail ke bahir rakhwali per chhor gia..

waisay bhi bloody civilians are born to serve... tum hotay kon ho azadi or haq mangnay walay???


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Azaadi plate mein rakh kar koi nahin daitaa. These fucking FA pass Generals need to be sent to borders where they belong to. From 47 onwards they kept the status quo intact and ate the country.
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