Faazlu's Permanent Cure-Lets Guess!


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So Fazlu has been identified the front man to lead the assault. Well Well he will have to prove himself this time, keep his words, and avoid being made to look like a stooge for the umpteenth time.

I want you all to try guessing his fate at the end of this movement- as clearly he is a mega-nuisance when it comes to accepting a democratic government's mandate. Its "his way or the highway".

A permanent solution needs to be found otherwise he will continue to drink Lassi, Eat halwa and return after his power naps like a miserable child

1) House arrest?
2) NAB summons & arrest for wealth beyond means
3) Allow him to hold dharna but disarm his supporters
4) Starve him of food and water during dharna
5) Sue him for accusing military of traitorship
6) Arrest him for treason against the state and challenging the writ of the government
7) Isolate him by immobilising PMLN, PPP
8) Allow Billo Rani only to give him company but put MN in jail
9) Allow him to attend but double-charge him for any damage to property or life
10) Ban him from bringing under 18 years old children
11) Ask other religious agencies/parties to discredit him as his agenda is purely political

So u can see I have come up with the above possible scenarios. Which one is it going to be reamains the million dollar question. You are all invited to guess!!
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اتنے لمبے چوڑے چکر میں کیا پڑنا کچلہ ہی کافی ہوتا ہے ہر کتے کے لئے اور اگر ڈیزل کی نسل اور اسی طرح خنزیری نسل کا کتا ہو تو ڈی ڈی ٹی بھی کچلے میں ملایا جا سکتا ہے


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آخری وقت مولالن ڈیزل جواب دے دے گا۔ اس کو یاد آ جاے گا کہ دو بار پہلے بھی ٹشو پیپر کی طرحاس استیمال کیا جا چکا ہے۔



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