Erdogan to visit Pakistan next month: Turk Envoy


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Learn from Turkey Tayyip Erdogan, how to govern and control of corrupt mafia.
Learn from Malaysia Mahathir Muhammad, how to make country credit free and Economic growth rapidly.
Learn from Iran how to kill the Mafia and culprits....
If Imran Khan can control the Mafia around him....He can bring Islami inqelab in this world,
3 mujahihideen of islamic world.....inshaAllah


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Sab pesa le ke pahuncho Pakistan Fatafut....Time is running short...we might not accept any further investment if you get late...:D


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Pehle apne mulk k sunni, shia, brelvi, diobanda waghera ko na close kr lia jae? Kya khyaal hai? :cautious::cautious:
No, that is not even a debate , certain things should be done bottom up and certain things should be done top down, we can’t afford not to resolve differences of these countries to continue as Pakistan becomes battle ground for their agenda, we should take the bull by the horn and direct all these countries otherwise our brand “Muslim” will continue to suffer.
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