Come to see me first if Nawaz Sharif is sick, so am I, says Chaudhary Nisar

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Yaar itnay paisay hone ke baad bhi yeh Ch Nisar aur Shk Rasheed wig per patanahi kyu nahi kharcha kerte. Wohi 1990 mein jo wig ley li wohi aaj tak istimal ker rahe hain.

Nisar ki wig ka to bohat hi beda ghark huwa wa hai. Lagta hai sar per koi moti kali billi bheti hui hai


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This irrelevant buffoon did not say PTI government is responsible for crises. Even if he did, it would not have mattered. He does not know shit about the economy.

Still, he had some self-respect, unlike Shahid Khaqan & co, to refuse to work under Calibri raani:

Also, in the end, PML-N did capitulate by turning the charade vote ko izzat du into boot ko izzat du. Penthouse Pirates, Calibri raani and desi godfather should have paid heed to his advice.

PML-N's ''experienced and competent'' government is directly responsible for the economic crisis as pointed out by Atif Mian and other top economists a while ago:

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