Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khosa addresses to ceremony | 19 June 2019


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Just tinkering around the edges is not going to do us much good rather things need to be looked at in a wholesome way. We need a solid base to start from for building a proper human community in pakistan. We cannot do that without proper understanding of the message of God and real world realities.

Why there has never been set up any institution for this purpose so far? Odd people from among us gave us some sense of direction but we never followed it. It is high time we do or things will never be as good as they should be and as they can be.

There are 4 levels of learning for mankind and people of pakistan have almost reached those 4 levels though not all of them. So if we are truly interested in having the best possible life in this world as a people then there is only and only one way of life that can lead us there and that is deen of islam based upon proper understanding of the quran. So we must do everything we need to do to discover the right of life for living in this world properly so that we could use it to our advantage. For a detailed explanation of things about the quran, deen of islam and pakistan see HERE and HERE
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