Chairman FBR Shabbar Zaidi complete press conference Today | 22 May 2019

Dr Adam

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Sir he addressed and cleared many issues in this press conf

That is fine with me.
My concern is his over exposure. Every day he's on one or another TV channel. I am sure you are aware of the childish and highly negative behaviour of our media. He's a good gentleman, a sound professional, knows his job well, therefore it will be bad for the country if he's made controversial by this unruly media. Can't afford to loose him.
That is my whole point.


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@ Shabbar Baboo
Your efforts are applauded.
But a cult Golden Karachi hen by Rashee Saeen Wadera & Corrupt Fauji is not going to give eggs.
So try other privilege cities Lahore Peshawar Quetta Larkana Gawader who never gave tax to Pakistan.
Qarzz ley kar


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Another clueless and useless person press talk.

Business community complains that no FBR chairman is taking them on board, so if Shabbar Zaidi is visiting them and listening to their concerns, its not useless.
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