Billionaire Nawaz and Zardari should donate at this difficult time -Nizami

Ko Ko Korina

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so Corona Tigers are expecting Nawaz and Zardari to spend their billion dollar corruption money on a noble cause that these dogs were not able to prove or punish in last two years of Govt under the patronage of GHQ and Supreme Court 🤪


Senator (1k+ posts)
those who collect and catch the haraam money will never spend one paisa from their pockets. look asif dari is on death bed but he is not opening his pockets.

Sonya Khan

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This is ‘Allah ki Toufeeq’ ..... Some are helping humanity at this time of crises ..... some are fleecing humanity .... and some are sitting on the fence despite having billions in coffers......


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
people for the video which showed SS asking for change from the cab driver which was not even in pounds. you expect him to pay for this fund from his own pocket?


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Good luck. One thing I dont under stand that why some one doesn't bring this virus to all the corrupts and money launderers like Faslu.Dakoo Zardari and family,Dhakoo butt brothers and family and all the Pakistan haters. This is one in million chance now boys.
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