Asad Qaiser hints to resign if tehreek-e-adam aitmad moves against PAC chairman - GNN claims


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جا یار اللہ کا واسطہ ھے چلا جا تمھارے سے تو بہتر ھےُ کوئی اس کرسی پر کوئی پتھر رکھ دیا جائے


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اس باندر کو استعفٰی دینا نہیں چاہئے بلکہ اس چوّل سے استعفٰی زبردستی لے لینا چاہئے یہ اندر سے پکّا سٹیٹس کو کا غلام ہے


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He can't handle the post have you seen in him the N/A these nooras walk all over him like a carpet.

We need someone like this to handle the Nooras!

C'mon don't even compare him to the foul-mouthed Shahla Raza.

I think Asad Qaiser is living up to the standards of being a strong speaker.

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I think Asad Qaiser is living up to the standards of being a strong speaker.
Thats your opinion and you are entitled to it but I strongly disagree. We need a kun tutti like Shela who can kick some noora ass.
You saw how powerless this limp dick speaker is, during the inaugural speech of the PM and the Asad Umers budget speech, what these nooras were doing, and only because they knew this wimp doesn't have a pair to do anything. They went on barking for the entire hour the speech lasted and this lame fool didn't do shit.

The NA right now is nothing but a soap box for these corrupt bastards to come tell their sad stories of how they are being treated in jail and how they are being victimized and after barking they leave. And all because of this useless speaker who can't speak


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Asad Qaiser needs to take a hard look at himself. He wants to uphold the rules but fails to acknowledge the incompetency of SS as PAC Chairman. When SS is blocking investigations into irregularities he says nothing.

I hope he does resign or is removed ASAP. We need a speaker who does not have secret loyalties to the corrupt PMLN.


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Aggr yeh laanti khanzeer Kisi halali Maa Baap kaa Halali nutfa hota to Bhonknay ki jaggah Pehlay isteefaa daitaa aisay h...mion aur 2 2 takkay ke k...r type ke asad Qaiseron ko unki auqaat saay hazar gunna brh krr speaker bnaao gaay to aisaay h...mi alnasal ghatia aur neech log choron ke saath mill krr apnaay maalik prr hi bhonkain gaay , yeh khusra zankha namardd aur heejraay laanti Gay Corruption ki bharva aur Dalla geeri ki khatir Speaker bnaa jiski auqat aik chaprasi ki thi , iss h...mi ko bohat hamdardi hai corrupt Shahbaz Sharif Butt ke saath Kyonkeh yeh apni m..... ke uss yaar ki khatir isteefaa bhi daina chahta hai agrr yeh kisi Twaif Ki nasal nahi to isteefaa daay wrna agrr iss beghrt besharm h,...mi asad Qaisar naay isteefaay naa diya to sabit ho jaigaa yeh beghrt twaif nasal hai


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Pehlay waqton mai kuttiaan choron ke saath milti theen abb khanzeer ibn khanzeer choron ke saath mill krr choron htanay walon ki rah mai rukawatt bnn rahay hain

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Being a neutral speaker.LOl
Who stopped him to control the rowdyism of PMLn through seargent at arms.Does this act need someone to be neutral?
How being neutral you are allowed to appoint SS?I sthis being a neutrality or furthering your career so that you can be called to be a great speaker by sold out anchors and journalist.Mr Asad Qaiser you are not neutral but the one who is furthering his career at the cost of PTI.


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Why should he be protecting a convicted corrupt person? This is against the manifesto of PTI. He better resign if he insists on his stance.
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