As a result of my column either the entire system will go or ..... - Javed Ch makes a big claim


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aik sahafi kay sachey jhootey column ka aisa koi asar nahi honey laga
Yahan Raat 8:00pm - 12:00pm, Har koi apna munjan bechta hey...............apni Keemat lugwaney ke leye. Ye bhi BAZAR e HUSSAN hey....Anchors aur LUNDEY ke PHILOSPHERS kaa........Har koi teyaar hu ker BAZAAR mein aajaat hey Raat mein pher paisa lgany waley en ki boliyan lagatey hein....


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This Javed Chaudary is a cunning cunning man, dubious alliances, hidden agendas, maybe access to deep pockets and a surprising rise.
So all these journalist rise as a result of merit and the rest of the country on contacts.


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Javed Chaudry, you are a Lifafa journalist we all know that. As a result of your column, nothing will happen. People are no fool. It was a planted story which you did in exchange of thick Lifafa from your Masters of many years Noora League.

Like all other dirty tricks (propagandas against JIT, against apex court judges etc.) it is bound to die.

You will be remembered as a Yellow journalist infamous for spreading Fake news.

Dr Adam

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توں وڈّا پاٹے خان آ گیا

اوقات ایک لفافے کی اور باتیں کوہ ہمالیہ سر کرنے کی
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