America isn't the leader anymore!! - The Economist

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I think China has managed to create a stronger bloc...comparing China alone with US isn’t much ahead yet


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I said so yesterday that America is a dying power. I see them being ripped apart with internal strife and batterings aboard within the next decade.


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In 2025 China trade globally will overtake America trillion dollar surplus globally. That means china will be kinda monopoly in other words as far as competitive edge is concerned.


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America elected a clown.Trump has no respect.He is erratic and irrational.Even America's European allies think Trump is a joke.No one trusts America any more.

Masud Javed

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Great share
America is looking for support but not getting any
so they'll back up india to attack china now.


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I many times said..China should come out from cool save the world.. Enough economy time for Military power..when China Milatary practically save his any allies will see Asia to others countries will run towards China..Russia will also fully join with China..block..means Russia..China Block with many strategically important countries under Thiers umbrella..USA . west countries will isolated from world level decisions..
I am laughing when USA..West talking about China's Muslims minority...What a joke..US.. Israhell West slaughtered.. butcherd innocents Muslims around the world..but they show hypocrite Sampathy for China's Muslims..Kia sari west..US qoum itni fool ha??
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