Will PMLN form coalition government with PPP after 2018 elections?? - Shehbaz Sharif's reply


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پہلے اپنے بھائی سے لوٹ مار کی رقم واپس لاؤ . جھوٹوں کا آئی جی شوباز شریف


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Planted question....

Purpose : to send message that we by all means will try to block IK ways to Govt...

Obviously he is trying to attract lost votes that they may still be able to form Govt, even if with PPP!

Bloody suckling....!

He doesn't know that in Punjab PPP will get max 3 to 5 seats... Good luck to you Mr. Dramabaz... Even this attempt is a failed one!


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Our worst nightmare.....PMLN wins 80 seats....PPP wins 50 seats....together (130 seats) they decide to make Bilawal Prime Minister...Cant even Imagine Billo Rani in PM Sherwani....uff
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