Very pessimistic about Pak-India relationship, Moeed Yusuf to Farid Zakaria

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There is no chance of restoring normalcy to the relations between Pakistan and India as long as the RSS ideology of Narendra Modi's administration remains in place.

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Very pessimistic about Pak-India relationship, Moeed Yusuf.
thankyou for sharing.

now, before getting to the topic, please allow me a sarcastic question.
who changes the colour first, a camelion or the pak army?

Just because moeed yousuf can speek better english, doesnot makes us a second degree slave.

Fckn Idiot. I couldnt have said this few months or years back, to him, but it is what it is.
The Idiot moeed wants to make a U-turn about all what he said during IKs reign.

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