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i want to discuss one issue related to ramzan that happens every year in last ashrah. i call it umra culture where people do umra in las ashrah. it is very common place in pakistan and even though society at large has become less religious, still more people go on umra in ramzan every year. in some families it has become a regular practice and almost taken on a form of biddat.

i think that with so many idps and deaths happening in pakistan this ramzan, people should donate money to needy instead of going to umrah. As usual religious scholars are sleeping and probably doing umrah themselves to issue any decree on this matter.

at the same time, while munshi dar introduces jagga tax on all common usage items, he should introduce some tax on people doing 3rd/4th trip to discourage this practice.
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So you want to decide which worship people should do and when?

Please pay attention to your own affairs and leave others do what they want to do in terms of their relationship with their Creator. Where people spend their money is their own matter and they are answerable only to Allah SWT. Poking you nose into others' affair is neither civilised nor commended by Islam.

Doing Umrah regularly and Hajj every 5 years (for those who can do it) was recommended in a Hadith (don't have reference but you are welcome to Google it).

If people do it for reasons other than pleasing Allah SWT, once again it's between them and Allah SWT. Please don't worry about it.

BTW using the same logic we should stop praying 5 times a day and instead using that precious time tending to the poor, the elderly and the feeble. After all such people need our help whilst Allah SWT Doesn't need anything from us. What do you think?
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NABI KAREEM SAWW just done one umrah and one Hajj in his life...Baqi ummat tu mash ALLAH buht aqal rkhti hy logics rkhti hy...


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gharebo ka khoon choos k pesa kamate hein.. aur phir short cut k liye end pe umrah kr dete hein.. fb pe pics laga k mashallha mashallah mubarik bhi le lete hein... society me naam bhi ho jata hay.. mashallah barey naik business man hein...har saal umrey pe jaate hein..lolzz

Altaf Lutfi

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نھایت قلیل تعداد ان لوگوں کی ھے جن کو ایک حسرت زندگی میں صرف ایک بار پوری کرنے کا موقعہ نصیب ھوتا ھے، یہ جو ھر سال جا دھمکنے والوں کا ٹولہ ھے، یہ ایسے لوگ ھیں جن کے خیال میں مکے مدینے میں عظیم واشنگ مشینیں لگی ھیں جو گناہ دھوتی ھیں، بندے کا ظاھر اُجلا اور خوشبودار بنا دیتی ھیں اور باطن کا غلیظ نظام پُرزے بدلے بغیر ھی زیادہ چابکدستی سے کام کرنے لگتا ھے

آپ اسے ایک منفرد طرز کے فیشن شو کے لیے ریمپ واک سمجھ لیں
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