The last straw that will break the camel back


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My bet is the 35 punchure tape will be released they r just waiting for the right time. ur views. According to Shahid Masood there r more than two people in conversation as the call was on speaker mode


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Now no people doesn't matter as aetzaz said these stories every day are like arrows inthe chest of people what i am feeling is going to happen to ns

100 onions and and 100 shoes .


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Those who think that Dr. Shahid Masood is a liar or just a mind fart, should check out his older programs about 6-8 months back. he said that current situation is going to happen. his analysis are correct upto 80% (my opinion).

Do understand, that He is a very humble and friendly person, he is respected among his colleagues, as well as political people and abroad. Though he was a Jiyala once. but he is regarded as a unbiased.

If he says there is a tape, then there is. he said that i heard the voices of 2 persons, but he doesn't poses one.



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Just remember the "patriots" in your prayers for sponsoring with you with all the information you here at the Dharna's :biggthumpup: ...Now you cant say that we dont love you all !


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wo suna tu ho ga... teri soorat nazar aye tu gazal kehty hain...

jab soorat-e-hall nazar aye .. tu tape bhi aa jaye gi... :)
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