Terming Chinese investment as 'loan' is Imran Khan's another lie: Shahbaz Sharif

Asad Khan

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Chinese investment ... sounds a little counter intuitive because the first thing the Chinese would have asked this little liar Shareef is why their personal millions if not billions are invested outside Pakistan if Pakistan was so investor friendly ? After all who would like profits more than these greedy scums. Secondly, why is he even talking about this issue when he is a chief minister while it comes under the job description of the finance or foreign ministry unless it is of course Shareef Inc. These megalomaniacs in their attempt to hold on to power have gone completely nuts.


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Euro Bond kay Ijra pr Dhol Bajanay Walo ki State Bank ne hi Band bja di


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Its a vendor financing deal, which is a form of loan. What it also does is fix the supplier. Someone needs to ensure that the govt. is getting a good price on the transaction as well.


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چینیوں سے انویسٹمنٹ کے نام سے قوم کو مقروض کرنا ہے مگر اپنے لوٹے ہوے اربوں ڈالر جو غیر ممالک میں رکھے ہیں اس کو ہوا نہیں لگوانی
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