Taliban Ke Sath Baat Cheet-by-Talat Hussain


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Re: Taliban Ke Sath Baat Cheet-Talat Hussain

اس معاملے میں پاکستانی حکمرانوں کی حالت ایسی ہے

Re: Taliban Ke Sath Baat Cheet-Talat Hussain

I originally blame IK for this confusion as it was his policy which PMLn had to publicly vouch for, the disgusting notion of negotiations with killers of 40 thousand plus innocent people. However, this feeling is changing rapidly, IK is still the biggest criminal for promoting negotiations, but PMLn is in government, and they had plenty of time to be able devise coherent approach, with multitude of outcomes in mind. If they haven't done this home work, then IK kay saath saath PMLn par bhi khuda ki la'nat....dunya ki 6th largest army, and our ppl are getting killed every day...:-(
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