Stupid Indian Anchors trying to speak english with Salman khan...


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Please stop spreading this non-sense.
Billy wood made movie bajrangi bhai Jan and showed nice image of Pakistan even it was their own movie.

And we all know that Indianian speak better English relatively


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WOW ! Thanks for the video ! It is just a sample !

The reality is ultimate pathetic !
The level and quality of desi's living abroad is far below the quality of desi found in the homeland (there may be some outliers here and there) ! You should see how people dine at Devon or Jackson Heights !

I really want to return back to Pakistan ! I am so sick and tired of dealing with such low IQ desi scumbags here in the US !
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This is not just a simple posting, or a simple video !

Man, this is a glimpse of what is happening in the 1st world countries with Desi population !

I have already seen this video like 10 times , and each time I find it pathetically funny and sad !

"will you recognize yourself"

"salman, can you tell something about radio asia"

The only reason overseas desi gets any respect is because of their remittances , and even that is only for their families and not for the country.

If the conditions of the homeland gets better, people won't even pay any respect to the ones living in overseas (just like old days, when parents used to refuse the abroad rishta's)

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