Slow motion reaction of Asim Bajwa towards Pervaiz Rasheed


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اِس سوال کا جواب پرویز رشید کو دینا چاھۂے تھا، آِسی لِیے باجوہ نے اُس کی طرف دیکھا۔لیکن باجوہ کو پتہ نہیں تھا کہ یہ پلاسٹک کا باواصِرف عمران خان کے بیان پر بولتا ھے۔


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jee bhai, The PM should definitely raise this issue, not only with Modi but also highlight to UN to put sanctions on India as India is caught red handed involved in the terrorist activities happening in our country.

so wat do u think Nawaz sharif should raise this issue with Modi or not ?

S.H. Khan

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Question is valid. DG was expecting that question would be answered by the govt spokesperson. why the fu*k Pervaizee Rasheed didn't answer and ignore very valid question? Why the fu*k Pervaiz Rashee traiter hide information fm pakistani public and protect indian interests in pakistan ??
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