Shortlisted Candidate For Sheikhupura By Election Ditches PPP #DhamaalPaaQalandri


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PPP Punjab short lists candidates for PP 162‏:

Peoples Party Punjab has short listed two candidates, Usman Nisar Pannu and Sarfraz Ahmed Soroya, in a meeting held here today to contest the by-election of PP 162 Shaikhupura, to be held later this month.

The meeting with the officer bearers from Shaikhupura was held here today under the chair of Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President Punjab PPP, which was also attended by Secretary General PPP. Punjab, Tanvir Ashraf Kaira.

Co-Chairman Asef Ali Zardari will approve the one name out of the two short listed candidates by the Punjab PPP tomorrow (Saturday) who will be issued the Party ticket accordingly.

The candidate so approved is required to submit the ticket to the respective Returning Officer for the issuance of the Party symbol. It may be added that Saturday is the last date for the submission of the Party Ticket to the Returning Officer for the purpose of issuing Party symbol to contest the by- election.‏/

After getting shortlisted:



Yeh matt bhuleay ga k mutahida opposition main PPP bhe shaamil hai [hilar]
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I just heard from somewhere that pti is going back to it's idiot bycot policy of by election again ? ( in Punjab )

Can any body confirm this ?


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Esi chawal party na Delkhi na sunni jese pti he .

What kind non political creatures they are when ik said nobody can damage pti more than itself he is 100% right ..

Worst decision was to by cot election in 2008 hundard by elections happened in between 2008 to 2013 pti never participated thus missing huge huge oppertunity of trainings of workers .

That's the reason ik you took almost 1 year to understand what really happened in 2013 .

Bb by cot 1985 election which she regretted all her life and PPP could not stand in Punjab after that .

Totally non political decision huge disappointed pti will totally loose in this situation and PPP which was wiping out in Punjab has huge opening to come back because the people will vote against pmln and they will be counted as PPP vote .

Khan sb please don't say again and again k muje KIA farq perta he ?

May be these kind of decision did not hurt you personaly but they hurt pti as a party and pti does not comprise only ik (tanga party) it comprises million of people in Pakistan who have huge investment on it and huge hopes from it .