Shahbaz Sharif congratulates the nation over Judicial Commission Report


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Well done NOORA league for running another false media campaign. The report is not released yet and they are trying to fool everyone again. This Habees did not issue a single statement on flood as he pretended to be sick but look now.
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So you still think Media is neutral very patriotic not biased. I think this nation can not live in fools paradise anymore. Are We Living? still


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Yes report is not public but I am quite sure report is in favor of govt. The report view regarding election commission performance is important thing to check. PTI should now make sure that all the report suggestion must be implemented.


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پہلے :
ہمیں کمیشن پر مکمل اعتماد ہے ، فیصلہ تسلیم کریں گے...

اب :
دیکھیں ہمیں تو پہلے ہی پتا تھا کہ یہ نتیجہ نکلنا ہے ، شریف عدالتوں اور کرپٹ ججز سے یہی امید تھی

~انقلابی موقف


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عمران خان نے بار بار اپنے آپ کو ایک مہا درجے کا احمق ثابت کیا ہے، مگر حیرت ہے کہ اب بھی پڑھا لکھا طبقہ اسے لیڈر سمجھتا ہے !!!


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Imran khan should demand for separate country...

We cant live together with jahil ppl like patwaris...


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as expected if it is true? Pti should accept it gracefully, because now pti is on an advantage, why? Whole country knows and also witnessed massive rigging! From here on all symphty is with pti, and they are in win win situation, but one condition remain to be tackled, that will be all out assualt on pti from noon league on their highly paid media, also exact favour has to be paid back by 3 big media houses to noon, get redy pti, major assualt is on it's way or already started. These 3 judges were inducted by ch. Iftikhar in their positions and they did save their retirement plans, they will live a good life hereafter(retirement), it is a closed chepter. Well done pti, don't feel that you lost, you have won over millions of hearts and minds, and it is a moral victory, other way around the corrupt mafia has to live with it....