Reasons Why Monsoon Season Is The Absolute Best


As soon as the Monsoon Season comes around the corner, Pluviophiles get excited about the blessing of rain. If you’re not a rain maniac yet, here are ten reasons why you should accept the Rainy Monsoon to be a the best possible weather.
1.Mitti Ki Khushboo

Take a deep breath and sooth your senses with the fresh, warm smell of wet earth.


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2.A Fun Time For Kids

As soon as the pattering of rain begins, children’s mirth and laughter spreads across homes and streets.

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3.Everything Becomes Infinitely More Romantic.

If it’s just drizzling, take your spouse/friend for a calming walk in a park or on the beach.

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4.A Perfect Time To Read

There is nothing better than listening to the patter of rain and the roaring of thunder while you’re safely cocooned in your bed with a hot cup of coffee and a great book.

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5.An Answer To Farmers’ Prayers

Great news for the crops and agriculture of our land.

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6.Outings With Rain Are So Much Fun

Beach Trips become twice as awesome with rain in Monsoon Season.

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7.Rain Foods For You To Indulge In

Is it raining? Time to enjoy Besan ki Roti, Gulgulay, Pakoray, and other traditional monsoon foods.

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8.Perfect Opportunity To Play Pretend

It’s also really easy to pretend you’re in a movie while it rains.

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9.Be A Captain

After all, when else can you make a ship and proudly watch it sail the oceans(Read: Puddles) except in Monsoon Season.

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10.And of course, RAINBOWS

Had it not been for rain, we’d be deprived of the beautiful rainbows that dominate the sky in monsoon.

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اس بار کا مون سون طاری کی بھیگی بھیگی تحریروں کے بنا سوکھا سوکھا سا ہے


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I think its best because cars swim in it in Pakistan...its just like riding a boat in a river...(bigsmile)