PTI needs to be careful


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The mammoth participation of people in the Rawalpindi jalsa of PTI is a further proof of the fact that the people are fed up with the present rulers (system) and want a change, and they see the PTI as their hope for that change. No doubt Imran Khan is a larger than life leader and stands tall amongst pygmies that occupy Pakistan's politics today. It was however felt that in the above mentioned Jalsa there was a bit too much mudslinging on others instead of mentioning own program, by speakers, specially at the lower level. We do not have to respond to opponents mudslinging, because "if you wrestle with a pig you both get dirty and the pig likes it".
It is recommended that in future PTI public meetings, less mention of what others didn't do and more of what PTI intends to do, be made. Positive approach is very important. Some tips for raising the spirit of the people are; reassuring them that PTI on coming to power will enforce strict austerity starting from the president down. That, president , prime minister, governor, chief minister houses would be turned into places of public utilisation like universities, hospitals etc, that there would be uniform syllabus of education, that there would be revolutionary improvement in healthcare for the people and that justice would be ensured to be affordable and available for all (a little elaboration on how?), that a potent and functional local government system would be put in place and above all a system to check corruption would be put in effect and that the country would be led by personal example and personal sacrifice.

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