PTI brainstorms to lead anti-govt movement with 1 point agenda (N League copy this idea also ....)


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Lahore: Enjoying growing popularity across the country, Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf is considering calling in a national conference on one-point agenda of removing the government.Party insiders says PTI is in contact with all political and non-political forces so that they could be gathered at a one plateform, Daily NaiBaat quotes.Most of the party leaders are of view that pile of problems are getting bigger day by day and publics eyes are now on Tehrik-i-Insaf, they add.If the leadership of the party decides to oust the government then it would be matter of no time.Growing problems like skyrocketing power outages, inflation, lawlessness and unemployment have irked people generally across the country putting People Party-led government in trouble.To remove the Gilani government, it is essential to get all stakeholders on one agenda, PTI officials say.But they made it clear that the national conference has nothing to do with any electoral alliance.

Chalo N league aab aap bhe call de dena aaj shaam tak ... wesay miyan sahab ko kahna cheenk maar lain IK ney abhi abhi maari hai ..


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N league walon ka dil kary to wash room b usi waqt jayein jab PTI waly jaty hain lakin kya karein...N league walon ko to 30 October k baad sy loose motion hain, is liye bar bar jana par raha hai aur un k wash room sy bahir any tay PTI ka Tsunami mazeed agay barh chuka hota hai..


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Please guys don't spread so many news about Liaqat bagh jalsa.. I have heard that "Barnol" market say khatam hoo gaya hai.. ab london ya jeddah say import karna paray ga