Presence of Pervez Elahi in London is just a coincidence?


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دیکھتے ہیں کہ یہ قوم کب ان سب حرام زادوں کو ہمیشہ کے لئے انکے اصلی ملک برطانیہ دفان کرتی ہے ، سالے پیشاب بھی آتا ہے تو برطانیہ بھاگ جاتے ہیں


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No..all.planned earlier. Nawaz na mana tu us ki manji thook di jaya gi forever..
P Elahi IK se ghaddari karay ga tu phir baqi zindagi hath wali rairhi chalaya ga..


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Pervaiz Elahi drinks water from five Rivers.
He will do, as per tradition for thousands of years.
How he can be different from
Khizar Hayat, Mamdot , Tawana, Nakai, Waseem Akram, Iftikhar Ch, Kayani, Bajwa, Raheel, Rizwan, Javed Iqbal , Malik Riaz, Aleem Khan a long list.
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Not at all, and that for a simple reason.

What is the future of PMLQ even if they support IK rill the end? IK is all set to win by 2/3 and in this case he will not need PMLQ. That would mean that they will become irrelevant.

Now the best bid for them is to ditch IK at the most crucial time and against that take lion's share in the future Punjab Government.

I know we all want to see them supporting IK but they have never been ideological and that is the fact.

I think that is the establishment's plan and this is why Nani Porni has been furious for a few days as they were thinking of ruling Pakistan alone, which, due to IK's position, is not possible.

I only hope that they do not succeed in assassinating IK, rest all will still be manageable, in sha Allah.
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