PMLN Leader Raja Akhter from Jhemlum left Noon and Joined PTI

Arfeen Bhatti

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Boss PTI doesnt need famous faces anymore , last 30 days have made alot of difference

even old guys of my village , who never watched cricket , or aknowledged PTI as a political party , now talk about voting PTI


PTi should keep an eye on him.. his phone records etc..JH experience was horrible.

yeh sab gorakh dhanda he, for power and for seat, PTI is no different, full of corrupt, criminals, what naya Pakistan, same old pakistan in a new wrapper

all losers and discarded looking for new beginning


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Raja Akhtar is son of ex MNA of Jhelum Raja Afzal who has already joined Pti. Raja Akhtar is the worst person to ever join Pti.